Roma Volley

Roma Volley was born only four years ago. In the first year of activity he immediately won promotion from the B2 series to the future B1, which then became with the unified Serie B reform, coming first in the league.
In the 2016/2017 season for a handful of points Roma Volley touched the promotion playoffs. In 2017/2018 the great ride in Serie B with the victory of the playoffs and the landing in Serie A2.
Today Roma Volley is the reference pole of high-level men’s volleyball in the capital, with a very careful look at the youth sectors both in the affiliated gyms and by embracing important projects such as MOIGE, in order to educate and transmit the values of a better “Debullized”.


Association for progress, education and lobbying PEL Skopje

PEL is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, whose main purpose is to improve the condition of young people and women in all areas of social life. This aim is pursued through the promotion of human rights, volunteering and their basic values. PEL members belong to different ethnic groups, religious groups, they are men and women living in Macedonia. They range in age from 16 and up.
The body’s main fields of action are: promotion of human rights, gender issues, community awareness, entrepreneurship, migration, volunteering. In this context, PEL has been carrying out projects within the EVS program since 2004 and has hosted and sent several volunteers. PEL operates as a sending and receiving body and as a coordinating organization. PEL organizes and manages the following activities:
– organization of workshops, trainings, seminars, round tables, thematic platforms on the basic values of one’s action;
– organization of local and national campaigns;
– coordination of exchanges of volunteers at local and national level;
– cooperation with local and international organizations for the promotion of core values.
As part of its action, focused on the topics of human rights, gender equality, citizenship and migration, PEL has worked with different types of marginalized groups: minorities, young people from rural areas, young people from difficult socio-economic backgrounds, etc…
The organization now has a lot of experience in European projects, in programs such as Youth in Action, the Erasmus Plus Youth sector and a Citizens’ Europe. In this context of fervent activity, in recent years PEL has also appeared in E + Sport sector projects, becoming a partner in more than one project, especially with the idea that Sport can be a tool and a vehicle for the most important values that the institution intends to promote.

Associação Cultural and Desportiva do Ladoeiro

The ACD Ladoeiro Club is a cultural and sports association based in Ladoeiro. It is a non-profit organization that aims to promote and participate in cultural, recreational and sporting leisure activities for groups of people of all ages, but with particular attention to young people. It currently has more than 300 members.
The club has a 5-a-side football section affiliated with the Castelo Branco Football Association and regularly participates in the local league. Furthermore, over the years it has successfully organized the Ladoeiro 5-a-side Football Summer Tournament, which reached its 23rd edition in 2018.
At a recreational and cultural level, the club has been organizing various events for some time: cultural evenings, with particular attention to music and theater, in collaboration with the realities active in its territory and with the Municipality of Idanha-a-Nova. The club also collaborates with community schools, engaging in various activities.
In 2014, with the support of the Municipality, it opened a new space in the city, including a “social lounge, trophy room, management office, multipurpose room and toilets”.

Imece Network Egitim ve Kultur Dernegi

Imece Network is a youth organization that promotes the themes of education, culture and sport. The organization has the intention of promoting social collaboration, respect for human rights, understanding between different cultures, international cooperation and active participation.
The mission of the organization is to consolidate an efficient network for collaboration between youth organizations, through which we can develop an impact on the crucial challenges of our time that young people face, and become promoters of the strengthening of youth organizations.
The objectives: to strengthen young people in participation in society, create spaces for dialogue, provide learning opportunities, develop skills, experiences and knowledge, contribute to the activation of the potential leadership of young people, represent young people towards decision makers, strengthen mutual understanding.
The tools: Cultural exchanges, personal development and non-formal education, pilot projects, advocacy, collaborative activities.

Kultur und Art Initiative e.V

Kultur und Art is an organization that constantly develops and implements educational and social projects in the fields of culture and art. It is a non-profit, intercultural and intergenerational association, with members of different nationalities, different ages and with different personal and professional experiences in the fields of education, art and culture. The purpose of the association is to create projects that arise from the meeting of people with different origins, which have contents aimed at social and intercultural integration. In recent years, the association has participated in more than 50 projects within the framework of European programs. Through the many European exchanges and training courses, the members of the association have acquired experience and knowledge, particularly in the fields of education and social inclusion.
Among the many local level activities in which it is involved, the association carries out creative and cultural projects with refugees, asylum seekers and migrants at national and international level. It also works with various schools in the area in order to carry out cultural and social projects with young people.